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New album


Happy New Year to you all! Hope that 2008 is great one for ya!

As far as The Anniversary is concerned, 2008 will be a doozie.

We are releasing a NEW ALBUM this year that will include our un-released songs.

We are also releasing a DVD featuring "live" performances and behind-the-scenes of us just hanging out.

If you guys could help out and send any photos that you might have including who took the picture to theanniversary@hotmail.com

We are gathering up as many as we can for the insert of the DVD and the CD artwork.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Forward this on to your friends. And let's get the word out!

Perhaps a re-union show, too? Who knows.

Peace out,
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holy shit, this is really awesome/unexpected/mind-blowing/awesome! seriously, this is not news i was ever expecting to hear, but i'm really glad that i have. like, i really don't even know what to say, this is REALLY overwhelming in a good way.

although i don't know the situation regarding the breakup that well (which is fine), this all does seem pretty appropriate now that it seems the dust has settled. besides, that was a shitty year for anybody doing anything involving music. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i am more excited for this than i can even explain.

also, just to put it out there - i have been working for asian man records (alkaline trio, lawrence arms, etc.) for a while and am getting ready to start a label of my own that will sort of act as a joint venture with asian man. if you want someone to release the cd/dvd/vinyl or whatever, the offer is absolutely there if you want it. e-mail me at sean@asianmanrecords.com if you want to talk some business about that.

but seriously, thanks for doing this. this is going to make a lot of people really happy and i'm glad that it's happening.

and you goddamn better have a reunion show except make it a reunion tour. it always seems i discover and get really into a band only after or just before they break up. this is fantastic news.
reunion tour or not, i would drive to kansas for that shit.
I'm freaking out right now.
I'm freaking out.
Holy shit.
I'm upset that there hasn't been a show yet. I would drop everything and drive 15 hours to Lawrence, Kansas if I knew The Anniversary was going to play a show.

Also, I'm surfing around e-bay finding any Anniversary/The Only Children Merch I can.
Already got the Dri CD, White Flight Vinyl, Fourth of July CD, and TOC-Keeper of Youth CD
Got the underground #6 The Only Children 7" coming in the mail as well as Girl with the Golden Hair 7" and a T-shirt.

I was doing some reading around on some websites and came across 5 possible songs I don't have from The Anniversary:

-"Tu-Whitt Tu-Whoo" - Sub Pop single version? (is this different from the Designing a Nervous Breakdown version?)
-"Death of a Season" - ("We Need A Label" demo)
-"Ghost Train" - ("We Need A Label" demo)
-"Daikini" - Josh Berwanger (The Holy Ghosts)
-"The Lady of the Lake" - Josh Berwanger

If these are in fact still unreleased songs, does anybody have access to any of them?