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Tour/Show, Merch, and still missing songs?

 I'm upset that there hasn't been a show yet. I would drop everything and drive 15 hours to Lawrence, Kansas if I knew The Anniversary was going to play a show.

Also, I'm surfing around e-bay finding any Anniversary/The Only Children Merch I can.
Already got the Dri CD, White Flight Vinyl, Fourth of July CD, and TOC-Keeper of Youth CD
Got the underground #6 The Only Children 7" coming in the mail as well as Girl with the Golden Hair 7" and a T-shirt.

I was doing some reading around on some websites and came across 5 possible songs I don't have from The Anniversary:

-"Tu-Whitt Tu-Whoo" - Sub Pop single version? (is this different from the Designing a Nervous Breakdown version?)
-"Death of a Season" - ("We Need A Label" demo)
-"Ghost Train" - ("We Need A Label" demo)
-"Daikini" - Josh Berwanger (The Holy Ghosts)
-"The Lady of the Lake" - Josh Berwanger

If these are in fact still unreleased songs, does anybody have access to any of them?
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